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The SATP Institute was founded in July 2014 by Dr. Todd Bowman. Todd wrote the curriculum for the Sexual Addiction Treatment Provider Certificate Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University in 2011 and was the coordinator of that program from 2011-2014. He has presented at local, state and international conferences on the Neuroaffective model of sexual addiction that he developed in 2009, as well as spending time in Hong Kong training clergy and therapists there. 

The Institute strives to provide world-class training in sexual addiction treatment for therapists and clergy from a scientifically sound and biblically informed position. Specifically, the Institute acknowledges the spiritual dimensions of sexually addictive behaviors as well as the importance of spiritual transformation in the recovery process. The goal of the SATP Institute is to be the global leader in equipping clergy and Christian therapists to heal the wounds of sexually addictive behavior for individuals, couples and families.