ANGRY BIRDS AND KILLER BEESTalking to Your Kids About Sex


ABOUT THIS PRODUCT If you've been dreading - or avoiding - answering that question, you're not alone. But it may be one of the most important questions you can answer for your child.

Angry Birds and Killer Bees is a book that can help you turn "The Talk" into an ongoing conversation that counters the myriad sources of bad information children are exposed to on a daily basis and helps them understand the beauty of true intimacy. 

Within the three main sections - Sex: Myths and Messages, Sex: Technology, Biology, and Intimacy and The Finer Points; STARTing the Conversation, you ll find information to help you talk with your children about sex, puberty, and relationships. You'll be able to help them:

  • Navigate the social influences of their peers and the culture we live in;
  • Understand the deep bonds that come from a healthy sexual relationship; and
  • View sex as a beautiful, God-given gift that is designed to enhance our emotional and spiritual lives.

This book is designed to teach you how and when to talk to your children about sex in ways that will help them grow into emotionally and sexually healthy adults. 

 144 pages.  


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  • "The Talk" for KID's growing up in today's culture
    Amazon Reviewer Wonderful book to help you talk with young children today about sexuality. Discusses the good and the bad. Can be used by parent and educators alike. Seems like and odd title until you really think about it. Birds and Bees you understand immediately, add the Angry and the Killer well if you are the least bit concerned with what is happening to our young children today the title is right on.
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